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Supporting Entrepreneurs in the Establishment, Operation and Growth of the Business of Raising the Best in Companion Parrots in a Home for a Home.


Through the power of informed and talented people operating Parrot Place Locations, we are able to provide customers with the highest quality Companion Parrots at a superb value; offering superior service and support; providing tailored educational and nurturing guidance training programs; delivering specialty products and services made easy to buy and use; all while raising the quality and ethics of the companion bird industry.


The purpose of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization shall be:

  • To ensure that exotic birds are raised in an environment, which provide proper care and training.
  • To educate our Parrot Place Locations and their customers on the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining companion parrots.
  • To provide access to the best resources of private breeders, vendors and experts in the field of avian specialties to all of our Parrot Place Locations.
  • To provide initial and ongoing educational training to all individuals that wish to establish a Parrot Place Location.
  • To reduce the need of rescue by educating our customers and providing continuing support to our customers for the life they own their companion parrots.

As an Organization the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization believes that...

  • We know that even as we grow, we need to continue to act like a small organization that values the need for ongoing improvements, interpersonal relationships, quality communication, and continuous learning.
  • We can maximize our impact and improve our sustainability through the pursuit of helping others learn how to operate Parrot Place locations while building strong organizations that are capable of being self-reliant and successful.
  • We recognize that we have a responsibility to the community of Parrot Place locations, breeders, and Companion Parrot owners at large. We will responsibly make available accurate information obtained from our wide variety of resources. We will be good stewards of the information and resources by continuing to evaluate material obtained through our breeders, vendors, Parrot Place Location Owners, subject matter experts, and customer contributions. We must regularly and sincerely show our gratitude for this information.
  • We are dedicated to the caring and nurturing of relationships with the breeders, vendors, Parrot Place Location Owners, subject matter experts, and customers that we establish and maintain contact with.
  • We believe that taking calculated risks as individuals and as an organization encourages growth, new discovery, and continuous improvement.
  • We recognize that the strategies needed to accomplish our values and principles change over time; therefore, we will remain flexible to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves.
  • We strive for mutually beneficial outcomes in all personal and professional relationships and collaborations.
  • We strive to remain a healthy organization. It is our desire to make all programs and services provided to Parrot Place locations beneficial to their becoming financially self-sufficient in operation.

The Nationwide Parrot Place Organization requires the following of our Parrot Place locations...

  • Provide the highest quality services possible, striving for excellence in every service offered.
  • Focus on the raising, nurturing guidance and training of the best possible Companion Parrots that can be provided in the industry.
  • Meet the needs of the Companion Parrot and the Adoptive Owners of the companion bird through the use of multiple disciplines.
  • Uphold the highest standards of conduct and ethics.
  • Maintain professional facilities while creating an enjoyable and fulfilling atmosphere for families, children, staff, and the community.
  • Know that Companion Parrot Owners (current and potential) are the key to a Companion Parrots long-term success. Empower these adoptive owners by encouraging them to be active participants in periodic training and nurturing guidance sessions with their birds. Provide them consistent information, behavioral training and support for them to meet the needs of their Companion Parrots.