The Parrot Place

Why Should I Start a Parrot Place Business?

Listed below are some of the most common reasons why people joined the Parrot Place and started their own businesses. Are any of their reasons your reasons?

  • To be a part of a Nationwide Organization that is dedicated to raising the standards of which parrots are raised and sold under.
  • To work with and experience many different species of parrots.
  • To be a stay at home caregiver working from home while tending to their family.
  • Retired or soon to retire people that want to continue earning, doing something they enjoy, at their own pace.
  • To own a home business that can be profitable, safe and enjoyable.
  • To have a business of their own.
  • To change their lives.

Career Advisors Will Tell You

If You Want to be Truly Happy,
Find Something You Love to Do,
Then Find a Way to Make Money Doing It!

You Already Love Parrots!

Soon You Will Love This Business!


This is What You Will be Doing
That Will Make You "Love" This Business


You will be teaching people about parrots, helping them match one to their lifestyle and explaining the responsibility they will have owning a parrot for a pet.


You will become an authority on raising and handling parrots. Able to maximize each bird's potential for talking and handling. You will be able to teach your customers how to maintain the pet quality of their birds.


You can personally own the birds you've always dreamed of having. Using them as show birds to help with sales for your business, they'll even be tax deductible. With our nurturing guidance techniques you may even improve the quality of the birds you already own.


You will be helping to improve the conditions that parrots are raised and sold under in America by educating the consumer. The Parrot Place sets the standard for how birds should be raised and sold.


What You've Always Wanted!!

  • Earn an income doing something you love.
  • Independence - you will create a lifestyle of independence that others will envy.
  • Freedom from the 9-5 job.
  • Work the hours you want.
  • Work by appointment only.
  • Raise your own children and tend to your family.
  • Freedom. Plan vacations and away knowing that when you return you can re-open and not have lost any sales.
  • Security. Should you get sick or have an emergency arise, you can close and re-open as needed.


You will certainly make good friends. Your customers will get to know and trust you. They have been to your home and respect your caring and knowledge of birds. They will ask for your opinion and advice and you will gladly give it. After all, your satisfied customers will become a great source for referrals.

You will also establish great relationships with other Parrot Place Locations through our Parrot Place Community. You will glean much information from all members throughout the Nationwide Organization.


You and your significant other will share the joy of owning your own business. This business can be great for getting your children involved also, teaching them some responsibilities such as caring for and working with the birds.


By maintaining your Parrot Place membership you can still pick up extra income selling parrots, cages, food, toys and accessories, even into retirement


Hard Work or Fun?

Picture yourself and your family hand raising Moluccans, Umbrellas, Amazons, Greys, Macaws, any bird you want, we have them all. You will get your birds at about six to eight weeks old, when they are just beginning to form their own little personalities and you can start working with them right away.

  • Hand feed and wean your baby birds.
  • Clip nails and trim wings, give them baths with total confidence.
  • Teach them to step up and stay where you put them.
  • Teach them to maximize their talking ability.
  • Take them places; teach them to interact with people.
  • Teach them to vocalize in an acceptable manner and avoid feather picking.
  • Play with them in your home and be entertained.

All This and So Much More will be Yours to Enjoy!
Getting Paid for Doing Something You Enjoy

How Much More Could a Person Ask For?


No One Else in the Industry Offers This Much
VALUE With Each Bird Sale!

  • A One Year Limited Warranty. (Call for details)
  • A 24 Hour Emergency Phone Number.
  • Written Care and Feeding Instructions.
  • A List of Nurturing Guidance Techniques to maintain their birds pet quality and maximize its potential for talking and handling.
  • Free Behavioral Consultation for as long as they own the bird.

Government Statistics State that: 72% of consumers want VALUE with their purchase and are willing to pay more money for it. We offer the most VALUE in the industry and our birds are still competitively priced This is one of the most important reasons we, as Parrot Place locations, have sold so many birds over the years.

TO SUM UP... How and Why Our Program Works:

You will offer to the consumer... A Free Service... The Finest Quality Birds...

The Most Value in the Industry.



What are Your Options if You Want to Have
a Business Working with Parrots?


To earn an income equal to a Parrot Place location you would need to invest about $25,000. Where do you get your breeders from? Where will you set them up? Do you know enough about it? Can you work around the clock? Do you have help? Have you thought about security from weather and theft? What if your birds don't produce or even die? You still have to sell the babies.

Many of our locations bred birds before they joined. Since 1989, very few of them continued to breed after joining. It was their choice. Their reason, LIFESTYLE: Breeding birds was too much work, investment and risk.


Major investment in time and money. Where do you get you quantities of birds? You'll have fixed hours, you have to be there. You'll have to sell the birds. At least three times as many as you would have to sell working at home to make the same income. Your investment is at risk.


To buy birds on your own and try to re-sell them could cost you more money than joining and I'll tell you why it won't work.

YOU HAVE: NO Credibility - NO Value - NO Supply



I am convinced that this is the only safe way you can have a bird business, still enjoy the birds and have a lifestyle others will envy. . You will own this business; the business will not own you.

Think about the options for a minute and tell me... WOULDN'T YOU AGREE?


Income and Taxes


In considering this business give careful thought to how much money you have to work with. How much money you WANT to earn? How much money you NEED to earn? When you call me with this information I will explain what you need to do to meet your goals.

In the meantime, consider this as a starting point.

Selling just four birds a month from your home will give you a net income of about $25,000 per year. Profit per sale can be $500 to as much as $1,000.

Other Sources of INCOME:

Behavioral work, cages, supplies, grooming, and boarding birds. Believe it or not, people will give you birds for free to work with and sell.


Tax advantages are incredible. It's not how much you earn but how much you keep that's important. Legitimate deductions include, part of your home and utilities, your computer, TV, DVD player, camera, travel, mileage, bird supplies, cost of membership and much more.

With the Tax Savings Alone...
You Could Recoup Your Entire Investment.


Growth and Risk


You can work this business at your own pace but it's hard to slow it down when you establish a reputation and receive referrals all the time. Your business may outgrow your house. Your options will be to keep your business small or you can add on to your home or move. You can open a store if you want or you can get others to sell birds for you.


  • You have the tax savings.
  • You don't have to leave your job or start full time.
  • You have access to an unlimited use of reputible breeders.
  • You have the ability to sell birds for the rest of your life.
  • You will receive referral sales from me and others.
  • You will never get stuck with birds you can't sell.
  • You can relocate your business if you move.
  • You can start and stop your business at will.
  • You are learning from the success of others.

We Have a Proven Track Record of Success.

This Business Will Work for Everyone Willing to Work It.
(All You Do is Be Excited, Willing and Able to Follow our Instructions)


Do I Have the Knowledge, Experience and Desire
to Help Make You Successful? Can You Trust Me?

I am a:
  • Functioning Parrot Place Location: I am not going to disappear.
  • I have trained extensively with the previous National Director.
  • Training facility: If needed, you can come to my home for hands on training.
  • I am personally familiar with the breeders in this organization.
  • Plus, you will have access to our Parrot Place Community online, which puts you in touch with other Parrot Place Locations throughout the Country, which gives you support at your fingertips 24/7.

Our National Director retired after 7 years of helping people start this business and chose ME to continue in her footsteps.  If she feels I have the knowledge, experience, and desire to do this shouldn't you?

My Success Depends on Making Others Successful: If I don't think you will be successful I will tell you, because once you join, my reputation is in your hands.

Missing... Is the Personal Touch!!! When you purchase a business opportunity you are almost always buying a "get rich quick" scheme or a franchise from a corporation. Their success does not depend on making people successful. They sell to anyone and an employee is responsible to answer your questions and train you. Ask yourself: If the business is so great why don't their employees start their own? I PERSONALLY want to make this safe, affordable, enjoyable and profitable for all bird lovers.


Parrot Place Community

Below is an overview of what our community has to offer. We have added a significant new support system as of October 1, 2007. It is an online area for all Parrot Place Locations to gather to share information. Listed below are just a few of the forums that are available on the new site:

  • Community Tutorials - teaches how to navigate the site
  • Member Introductions - a place to get to know the other Members of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization (NPPO)
  • Confidential Breeder List - all the contact information for the reputible breeders
  • Confidential Bird Availability List
  • Business Sales and Marketing Advice
  • Business Management Advice
  • Help in taking Your Parrot Place to the Web
  • How to get the most from advertising
  • Feedback and reviews of NPPO breeders and vendors
  • Forum covering the Raising and Caring for Baby Parrot
  • Health and Veterinarian Recommendations
  • Description of Parrot Species

The list above is just a brief overview of the things we have going on right now. There is much more and also much more to come. We have all found this new tool to be very effective as a way to support one another. It gives you support 24/7.


Practical Experience

Aside from my own background and experiences in the parrot business, I continue to learn from others. Much of what I teach you comes from our locations themselves. Their successes and their problems all benefit our organization. It is a continual learning experience that we share.

You will also have the option to join our Parrot Place Community Website as a subscription member. Here you will be able to access other Parrot Place locations to learn from their experiences and hear their suggestions. This will keep you on top of the industry with the latest techniques for raising and selling the finest birds in the industry.

I have trained extensively with the founder of the Parrot Place. What I have learned about goal setting and motivation, I will be teaching to you.

The Nationwide Parrot Place Organization:

  • holds the Key to Your Future.
  • has the Background and Experience.
  • has the Knowledge and can be Trusted.
  • Can and Will help make Your Business:


First Step...

Call Me! We can get to know each other. I will answer your questions. We will discuss your area, prices of birds and your qualifications. I will give you locations to call, if you want. We can discuss financing, if needed.

Second Step...

Print and read the contract carefully. It contains the details of what you will receive and our responsibilities to each other.

Third Step...

Reach a Comfort Level, Call Me and Join. You will receive your training material instantly via our private Parrot Place Community.

Fourth Step...

Study the material and complete the start up suggestions list. Duplicate the paperwork. Begin your training. Distribute your brochures and tell people about your business.

In a Few Short Weeks You Can Be Selling Birds.

The greatest gift successful people have over the average person is their ability to "take action."

Make this the day, that you commit yourself, to take the steps, which will enhance your life and change your future.

A Confused Mind Always Says... NO!
Don't let this opportunity pass you by
because you didn't understand it,
or misunderstood something.

Call me!